Guide to Basement Window Wells


The purpose of window wells is to allow more light to enter your basement, and to keep soil and water away from the window. These small structures called window wells are positioned outside your basement windows are ground level. Window wells are made a meter deep and filled up with gravel for drainage purposes. These structures are very practical and at the same time they also look good in your home. You window well can make your home very comfortable as it increases the amount of natural light coming into your home’s lower level or basement. Learn more about egress window well, go here.

Safety is one aspect to consider if you are remodeling your house. When you have done planning all the aspects of your home remodeling, make sure to check how safe you house really is.

Safety is one of the main reasons for installing a basement window well. In an emergency, residents of the home can leave in safety through the basement window. Or, an emergency crew can enter the basement. Below are some types of window well covers you can construct in your property. Find out for further details on well window right here.

The mesh cover window well has an expanded metal top. Debris can be kept out through this and your children and pets will not be in danger of falling into it. You can have it vinyl coated so that is gives extra durability against the elements.

It you want strength and durability, go for the classic window well cover. It also enhances the beauty of your home and complements your landscape.

If you want to keep our debris, rain, and snow, you can use the polycarbonate cover. Polycarbonate covers with vertical backings can cover windows that rise above the window wells.

For your home comfort and safety, it is great to install window wells on your basement windows.

Making window well installation a DIY project instead of hiring a professional is possible but your need to know some important things. The first thing you have to know is the you are not required any special permission from municipal authorities if you are simply installing a small scale window well. If you are installing a large scale window well then you need to comply with relevant building codes. The window well should be checked for water accumulation upon installation. Bad grade or poorly installed window wells will not have a good drainage, and the reason why we put gravel is for this purpose – good drainage.

You can always hire a professional to install your window wells if you find out that doing it yourself will take up a lot of time and effort that you don’t have. Please click this link for more info.


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